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Palius + O’Kelley makes it easy for clients to transfer files with our secure File Share program so they are always up–to–date. Additionally, after logging on to File Share, we have included a folder called Firm Files that contains some proprietary tools we are making available only to our clients.

The tools included in the Firm Files folder are our Break Even Analysis spreadsheet that you can download to use to help determine the break even point of your business. There is also the POK Business Organizer, an easy-to-use form we’ve designed to make sure that POK has everything we need to prepare your taxes. Another tool there for you to download is POK’s valuable PowerPoint presentation that was developed for one of POK’s Seminars called 4 Ways to Grow Your Business. We will be adding additional tools in the future.

“I highly recommend the Palius-O’Kelley seminars and presentations. I was extremely impressed with the amount of information and practical tips business owners could use immediately. They concentrate on improving profitability and understanding of ‘the numbers’.”

— Bank President and CEO