Business Tools

Business Tools

Palius + O’Kelley offers great downloadable resources for anyone who is thinking about starting a business or wants to improve the bottom line of their existing business. 

  • The New Business Startup Kit offers a step–be–step guide on how to start a business.
  • The Profit Book can help you run your business better.
  • The POK Sample GamePlan™ Report demonstrates a unique tool for analyzing data that we use to give our clients insight into how their companies are achieving (or not achieving) certain results. To learn more about the GamePlan™, please contact Michael O’Kelley or Maeda Palius.

When you log on to Palius + O’Kelley File Share, we have included a folder called Firm Files that contains some proprietary tools we are making available only to our clients:

  • Break Even Analysis spreadsheet helps determine the break even point of your business.
  • POK Business Organizer, an easy-to-use form we’ve designed to make sure that POK has everything we need to prepare your taxes.
  • PowerPoint presentation that was developed for one of POK’s Seminars called 4 Ways to Grow Your Business.

We will be adding additional tools in the future.

We also have useful links to key governmental websites along with links to several professional organizations in the Santa Barbara area.